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Security Researcher/Developer

  • Computer Science/Computer Engineering degree (Post-Grad preferred)
  • Experience with
    • development/analysis/implementation of various client/server protocols (e.g. XML, SIP, XMPP, SIMPLE, IMAP4, HTTP, etc.);
    • designing and implementing application and transport protocols;
    • cryptography (ECC, PKI, PGP, etc.), security audits and solutions consulting;
    • wireless communication security (802.11, Bluetooth, SMS, etc.);
    • messaging systems, email protocols, multi-threading, distributed processing;
    • application security configuration and best practices;
  • Participation in various standard/certification bodies (CISSP);
  • C++, C, Java, PERL, Python, other software languages;
  • Digital hardware engineering, verification and debugging experience also an asset.

VOIP Developer

  • Computer Science/Computer Engineering degree (Post-Grad preferred)
  • Experience with:
    • SIP or other VOIP protocol;
    • Protocol experience with UDP, RTP, MEGACO and TCP;
    • VPNs, 802.11;
    • minimum 3 yrs development experience with Java/J2ME/J2EE;
    • 3+ yrs. Object Oriented Programming techniques;
    • debugging and system optimization experience also an asset.
  • Exposure to:
    • Mobile telecommunications (eg. CDMA, GSM/GPRS, UMTS, iDEN, EDGE);
    • PBXs, PSTN;

Opportunities for Pro/Engineer Professionals

Design Team has a current need for Pro/Engineer professionals. If you have at least 3000 hours of Pro/Engineer experience, a commitment to excellence in design and possess superior communication skills, then please send your resume to mail@dti.ca.

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